I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,I know that full well

.- Psalm 139:14


My body ain’t what it used to be. It’s never been the sleek, buff guy in GQ and I’ll never make anyone’s “most attractive men” list (except for my wife Dianne’s). The hair is greyer and thinner. Some of my teeth have now gone to be with Jesus. My feet are downright ugly–even my doctor says so. And today I took a tumble and badly twisted an ankle. I just got clumsy coming off a step and went down before I could even put out a hand to stop. (Did I mention the state of my reflexes?)

But our body is not who we are?

My mind has always been sharp, my analytical skills finely honed. I have mastered extemporaneous speaking. I am known for my creativity and intellectual intensity.

But our mind is not who we are?

Yes, the complexity of our body’s designs and the human mind is an awesome thing when it is functioning properly. These are two factors that always remind me of the Intelligent Design that put me together, and knowing that the Master Designer has created even better versions simply affirms the divinity that shapes humanity and the world.

Although God is perfect, I am vividly aware of my imperfection. I love what is written on Ruth Graham’s tombstone:

“Under Construction: Thank you for your patience.”

Yet my imperfection does not change the wonder of who I am. I am a person created by the Living God–and then created anew out his unconditional love and amazing grace–so that I can live according to His purpose. And that purpose is the Good News that we all belong to God and have a part of the wondrous work He is doing to redeem humankind, and to demonstrate people living in this time that there is “a more perfect way” that He will empower them to live/

(C) 2013 by Stephen Dunn

This post originally appeared in my devotional blog – THRIVING IN CHRIST

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