I have great respect of the vision, passion, and courage of church planters.  They are the “pioneers” in new territory, focusing their lives and that of their families, in establishing new beachheads for the Kingdom.

It takes an entrepreneurial and often solitary spirit to see a pocket of lostness and plant the seeds of a new congregation.  Sometimes, however, the challenge of having a weekly worship gathering, doing evangelistic follow-up in a community become all-consuming of time and attention.  This does not always help embed the systemic DNA needed to have a healthy, multiplying church into a second generation.

Lately I have been working with my denomination’s church planting initiative called F.U.S.E.  I have been helping develop a template of questions for church planters to engage with during the “planting” phase.  These questions are a helpful reminder of what is needed to mature a congregation.

Discipleship/Small Group
What is your plan for cultivating/equipping disciples in your church?

What role will small groups play in the process of equipping disciples?

How will you identify and equip the leaders of these groups?

Who will be the governing/decision-making group in the church?

How will you identify, recruit and train these persons?

What administrative roles will you be delegating to others?

How will you equip them and then hold them accountable?

Congregational Care/Congregational Health
Have you considered creating an elder core to share in the shepherding responsibilities for your church?

What plans do you have to teach your people (and your leaders) how to manage change and resolve conflict?

Who and how will you manage spiritual discipline issues?

What is your plan for being sure the second generation of people are assimilated into the Body?

The Pastor
What is your plan for teaching your leaders to”
• Provide care for you
• Hold you accountable
• Communicate to the congregation both expectations and support of the pastor

How are budgets going to be developed?

How will you teach generosity and responsible support of the church’s financial needs?

What policies and procedures do you have in place to assure the wise and legal use of monies?

What would you add to the mix?


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