Many years ago I pastored a church in the Midwest.  The church never had a lot of money; but it had dedicated people and a fruitful ministry with a positive impact for Christ in the community.  There were five of us on the staff-two full-time and three part-time.  The church’s slim finances generally meant that we were not overpaid.  Three of us had families to support with school age children.
     One day, when money was tight, I went to the mailbox.  There was a white envelope in it addressed to me.  The address label had been computer generated.  In the envelope two fifty dollar bills and a note with more computer-generated words.   Those words?
     My first thought was to be astounded at so much cash being sent in an envelope with no return address.  Obviously, some trusting person wanted to be anonymous.  I thanked God for the gift and asked him to thank the giver.
       Several weeks later another envelope arrived with more cash, again from PEOPLE THAT LOVE.  And several weeks later, another.
      One day my youth pastor stepped into my office with a white envelope and cash.
      “People that love.”
     “How did you know?”
     “I’ve had several myself.”
    Some weeks later another staffer came in with the same astounded look.
     Those envelopes for almost two years.  Later I learned that they had come not only to my church staff, but others in the church family.  Altogether easily several thousand dollars–all in white envelopes with computer generated labels, always cash and always signed PEOPLE THAT LOVE.
     What prompts such generosity?

I think we know.

(c) 2014 by Stephen L Dunn

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