Happy New Year 2015. 3dBY STEVE DUNN

As I travel throughout the church and read the literature and research being made available, I see five trends to look for in 2015–especially in Churches of God.1. An increase in ministries that provide meals to the poor and homeless on a weekly basis.  It is no secret that the homeless population and the working poor are everywhere and growing in number.  Churches seeking to make an impact will put together teams who cook and serve quality meals on site at the church. This will appeal to intergenerational groups-and will increasingly include training persons to interact with the “guests.”

2. Churches will begin to see themselves as mediators and
in communities that are politically divided.  Increasingly our population has grown weary of “politics,” suspicious of politicians and parties, and despairing of true healing dialogue.  Churches particularly that want to minister to the growing younger adult population will create forums and activities that seek to provide practical  reconciliation and dialogue.

3. The debate over immigration, illegals, and our fluid borders will increase the divisiveness in our nation.  Some churches will struggle with their political convictions and the biblical teachings on dealing with the aliens, defenseless, and strangers in our midst. The confusion and passion of this issue will present a strong prophetic platform for churches who are willing to enter the debate in a biblical way.

4. Worship will become more informal and contemporary as the young and the un-churched are drawn into the church, but there will also be a greater desire for authentic worship that affirms the holiness of God and radical obedience.  “The oldest Sunday School class always dies” will begin to move more churches away from old-style worship as those worshippers increasingly move into nursing homes or go to be with the Lord.

5. An increased call for biblically-defined discipleship.  Program based discipleship will increasingly be replaced by relational discipleship–small groups of people speaking into one another’s life and rediscovering biblical foundations.


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