The Eastern Regional Conference (CGGC)

February 27-28, 2015


Stuart Delony (Chapel Hill, NC)  Planting pastor – Lumen Community (CGGC). Leads an apologetics ministry called Pub  Theology.

Victor Glover (Raleigh, NC)  Lead pastor – Last Days World Outreach, Hillsborough NC with two satellite congregations.  Founder of Father’s First.

Bob Dudley (Hanover, PA) Founder and President, Everyday Evangelism

Chad Chute (Chambersburg, PA)  Discipleship Pastor – Chambersburg First Church  of God. Professional leadership coach

Steve DiBiase (Newburg, PA)  Youth Pastor – Newburg Church of God

Rachel Neely-Sleasman (Roaring Spring, PA) Youth Pastor – Bare Memorial Church of God.  Chair: ERC Commission on Discipleship

David Newell (Scotland, PA)  Vice President – Winebrenner Theological  Seminary. President – Global Leadership Academy

John Yoder (Manheim, PA)  Former church planter. Field Director for the Commission on Evangelism, Leader for the  NetWork Spiritual Gifts Discovery Seminar

Stephen Dunn (Newport, PA)  Director of BridgeBuilders Ministries, Intentional Interim Pastor, Adjunct Professor – Winebrenner  Seminary

Dan Masshardt (New Cumberland, PA)  Pastor – Fairview Bethel Church of God. Instructor  for the School of Evangelism

Mark Halliday (Roaring Spring, PA)  Senior Pastor – Bare Memorial Church of God, Chair: Commission on Evangelism, Leader for They like Jesus but Not the Church Seminar
Twelve Exciting In-depth Workshops on Evangelism, Discipling, Leadership 
and Missions
As American civilization has become increasingly secular, many evangelical churches see themselves as cut off from the larger culture. The result is that evangelistic efforts have moved away from actively seeking to introduce lost people to Jesus. Instead, “evangelism” generally has become little more than “rearranging the flock”. But the fact is that for the church to be the church, congregations must intentionally act to recover the 1st century church’s mind-set.
The Summit was conceived as a way to do that by providing church leaders with proven ways and practical steps that will assist them to end that Isolation and become a positive force for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus.
And so the Summit has gathered leaders to address the following topics:
  1. Sharing the Faith with Post-moderns – Stuart Deloney Tactics: Engaging the Culture – Dan Masshardt
  2. NetWork: Spiritual Gifts Discovery – John Yoder
  3. Direct/Street Evangelism – Bob Dudley
  4. What is the Gospel? – Steve Dunn
  5. Youth as Evangelists – Steve DiBiase
  6. Fathers First: A Ministry to Men – Victor Glover
  7. A Primer for Global Leadership – David Newell
  8. Safe Sanctuaries – Rachael Neely-Sleasman Is your church providing a safe environment for families to worship and serve?
  9. Leadership Styles – Chad Chute
  10. Internet Evangelism and Discipleship – Steve Dunn

Cost and Registration

Cost per person, payable at the event… One day $15.00 Both days $25.00 Dinner & Lunch: $25.00
Registration deadline: February 20, 2015
Register by January 31, 2015 and save $5.00.
1. Complete the form below and mail to:
Pastor John Yoder, 161 S. Penn Street,
 Manheim, PA 17545
2. Email information to Pastor Yoder at: arhjoy@ptd.net
3. Phone the Field Director’s office at: 717-665-6467

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