Go into any restaurant, waiting room, or public arena.  You will see a common sight.  Young people (actually people of all ages) holding a shiny rectangle of plastic in their hands, a thumb or finger poised above a tiny keyboard.  It’s their phone and they are using it for a variety of things, from sending text messages, viewing their Facebook or email accounts, taking and sharing photos–maybe even making a phone call.  And now they may be reading files that are on a PC somewhere but is synced with their telephone.
This is but one example of a truth that has emerged — in fact, emerged long ago but is only now being noticed by much of the church.  This generation is wired.
This has powerful implications:
1. They can be communicated with in real time (and you might even speak “face to face.”).
2. They get their information, particularly the daily news on-line.
3. They carry their Bibles on their phones and through Twitter  can communicate with their preacher while he preaches.
4. People can enter their lives without ever entering their physical space.
5. They can be exposed to a world ideas via Google search.
6. They can watch a live streaming worship service and never go through the door of the church.
7. They can participate in an online Bibles study that occurs whenever they are available.
8. They can text prayers in real time.
9. They are increasingly isolated from significant human contact.
10. This is a kairos time to communicate the Gospel world wide.
How will the church that is uncomfortable with this electronic reality going to continue to connect with the culture around them?

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