In the last year, changes in the law and in our culture have caused many American Christians to take on a negative mentality and combative posture.  Some are lamenting the loss of stature and protection and advocate retreating into a fortresses or spiritual bomb shelters,to ride out the storm until the Rapture comes.  Others advocate almost an arming of the church as a political force to drive the forces of secularism back into their immoral ivy towers or corruption-filled sewers.  At times I want to switch off my Facebook feed or pull the plug on the media bullhorns.  Such attitudes and positions simply reinforce the prevailing culture’s belief that Christians are negative, judgmental people who want to inflict their version of sharia on the land.  And internally they shift the biblical imperative of the Great Commandments of God from loving God all your being and loving your neighbor as yourself to a battle plan to visit God’s judgment on the citizens of Nineveh. Whatever happened to, “Not by my power …

Much of this is rooted in fear on the part of Christians grown comfortable with their cultural acceptance and a foolish belief among the radical secularists that God is some doddering old man that can be banished from the public square.  One is expression of a weakened faith in God.  The other is the expression of a belief that man is the measure of all things.  Both focus on human power.  Both forget that God is a supernatural power.

As a Christian I believe that there is only one God–and that the whole world was both created by Him and subject to His judgement.  As a Christian, I believe that God’s values will always prevail because God will always prevail.  Satan is an adversary, but not His equal.  Humans since Adam and Eve have thought that they could be equal to Him and live as the pleased without consequence.  But history has shown that man cannot even master himself. In the end, his weakness and imperfection brings death.

And then there is the promise to the church spoken to Peter as the representative of all who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. “You are the rock, upon you I will build my church–and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

In my next post we will describe the biblical promises and the spiritual realities that give the Church a great future–not only in America but everywhere.

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