It has been about a month and a half since I last posted on this blog site/web site.  I publish several blogs and except for LIFE MATTERS this hiatus has been pretty much true for all of them.  Many you know that at the end of July I became the Academic and Institutional Liaison for Winebrenner Theology Seminary at its new location at Scotland PA near Chambersburg.  Although not a full-time position yet,I was also working as the Intentional Interim Pastor for the Newport PA Church of God, a commute of nearly 90  minutes to the campus.  When the Fall semester began I also had my teaching duties for Winebrenner.  It seemed best to back off on things and focus on my two primary responsibilities.

December 1st my replacement arrived at Newport and for a time I have entered a less demanding season.  Writing and teaching has always been my passion so this seems the time to resume my blogging at a regular clip. Thanks for your patience, for your reblogs and your prayers. – Dr. Steve Dunn

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