A number years ago Kennon Callahan wrote a superb book which was a formative piece of my vision for healthy churches building bridges through redemptive relationships with their larger community and the unchurched. The book was called Twelve Keys for the Effective Church. Callahan’s 12 keys were:

.. Relational :

  1. Specific, concrete missional objectives
  2. Pastoral and lay visitation
  3. Corporate, dynamic worship
  4. Significant relational groups
  5. Strong leadership resources
  6. Streamlined structure and solid, participatory decision making

Functional :

  1. Several competent programs and activities
  2. Open accessibility
  3. High visibility
  4. Adequate parking, land, and landscaping
  5. Adequate space and facilities
  6. Solid financial resources.


Many of these remain quite valid today.  How would you measure up against these?  In my next blog posts we will share some thoughts on the relational dimension.

For more thoughts and ideas on the concept of BEING THE BEST CHURCH FOR THE COMMUNITY, check out my blog of the same name.

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