Since last December, as I awaited my next Intentional Interim Assignment, Dianne and i have been attending the Chambersburg PA First Church of God.  Lawrence Metzler is the Senior Pastor.

I have been invited to teach a 12-week class called THE BRIDGEBUILDER PRINCIPLE on 12 Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm beginning August 24th.  This is how they are advertising the class.

Many Christians and churches find it difficult to create inroads to our prevailing culture, which is increasingly becoming more unchurched and even hostile to the Gospel. How can we break out of the “Christian bubble” and become influencers and disciple-makers in the day we live in? This class will help define the process and provide opportunity to go beyond ourselves to build relational bridges and become intentional about our mission right here in our corner of the world.

Knowing the leadership at CFCOG, I know any of you would be welcome to attend.  For more details about the church, go to their website.

morning light and fog over pond with footbridge

This photo is copyrighted

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