Generally I use this site to publish my own original writings, but from time to time i want to draw your attention to what others are writing that has impacted me.

GOING DARK FOR THE SAKE OF LIGHT  Ben Witherington in his blog  THE BIBLE AND CULTURE  shares these observations:


Let me be clear from the outset, I’m not a technophobe. I realize the world has become technology dependent, and as a writer, I am as well to a real extent. But what this post is about is not letting technology, and in particular your smart phone out-smart you by stealing your life away. What I mean by this is technology, and in particular smart phones prompt obsessive compulsive behavior. It really isn’t necessary to text your BFF, or whoever, multiple times, with drivel and trivia and cute photos all the time. This isn’t, after all, direct communication, it’s a surrogate for face to face communication, but no substitute.

I could do a rant about texting while driving, or texting while waiting at stop lights, which is profoundly dangerous behavior. Thankfully it’s banned in some States, and should be banned everywhere. At some point though, one needs TO GET A LIFE, and realize that life does not consist in endless texting of trivia. An emoji is no substitute for a real smile in person, or a real hug or kiss. I realize that what technology has done is ratcheted up and played to the anxieties, especially of young people, that long to be connected to, have real relationships with other human beings, but have a hard time doing it in real time and face to face. But what doth it profit a person if they gain and dominate the whole twittersphere and yet lose their souls and their ability to have genuine personal face to face relationships? One thing all this texting reveals is just how broken and dysfunctional our human relating really is.  TO READ THE REST CLICK THE LINK ABOVE.

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