The home base for my wife and I in ministry is the Chambersburg PA First Church of God.  Led by Senior Pastor Lawrence Metzler and Executive Pastor, Chad Chute,  this fast-growing church is effectively reaching many unchurched people for Jesus Christ.  Sometimes large churches are accused of softening their standards in order to attract people who don’t normally choose to be a part of a church. Not so Chambersburg.  The staff and the elders guide this church by four basic core values–clearly communicated and backed up solidly in practice.

These are their core values:

01 We value God’s Plans more than our Plans.

People and pastors have all kinds of plans and dreams for their church but they must never trump an unswerving embrace of God’s plans for that church.

02 We value God’s Word more than our Opinions

In age of biblical illiteracy and a relativistic belief that “if it’s right for me” it’s all right, the church must be grounded in the infallible truth of God’s Word.

03 We value God’s People more than our Programs

People are not the means to an end, and programs must not be so sacred that the needs and spiritual growth of the people in our care that we ignore or dismiss those needs in pursuit of some human measure of success.

04 We value God’s Mission more than our Comfort

Sacrificial servanthood is both the example of Jesus and the standard for Jesus’ disciples.

Praise God for churches like Chambersburg–not perfect (nor would they profess to be) but well-grounded pursuing a clear, biblical mission.


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