Blog-image_2-700x300BY DR. STEVE DUNN

It has long been my practice to read–to read regularly and widely what other people are learning and sharing about the church, its mission, and its engagement with the culture. It is my goal to help churches be faithful and fruitful on the mission field where God has planted them and to make a “salt and light” difference in the world.  Although I do not endorse everything the blogger shares or stands for (or the blog site for that matter), when I see thoughtful and helpful posts I try to pass them along.  Here are some of the best I have read so far that relate to 2018 and beyond:

Recalibrate: 10 Steps Every Church Must Take or Be Dead in a Decade (Everything but Jesus and the Bible Must be on the Table by Karl Vaters.

5 Changes Every Sunday School Need to Make-ASAP (Originally published at ChristianMomThoughts.Com

Ten Critical Trends for Churches in 2018 by Thom Rainer

Urgent Church: Nine Changes We Must Make or Die by Thom Rainer

How and Why the Future Church Can Thrive by Cary Nieuwhof

Five Things Every Church Leader Should Unlearn in 2018 (If You Want to Stay Relevant) by Cary Nieuwhof

7 Disruptive Trends That Will Rule 2018 by Cary Nieuwhof

Please note that despite some of the titles, these posts have some very positive instruction on dealing with the issues.  Take some time and read them.


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