classic scene of a highway in rural area

Part 2 of a Series

by Dr. Steve Dunn

In my last post I spoke of the necessity of developing a Great Commission Intentionality in the life and mission of the local church.  This process has some very practical aspects which form a strategy for getting started.

1.  Begin praying for the neighborhood

It always begins with sincere prayer.

2. Take a Walk 

Gather some of your key leaders and take a walk around the neighborhood.  Ask them not to yield to the temptation to talk to each other but to give their full and prayerful attention to “observing” the neighborhood.  Tell them to look at the people and what do they look like, what are they doing. Try identifying areas of both quality and need that they observe,  “Overhear” what people are talking about.  Then gather back at the church and share with each other their observations and impressions. Ask the question, “Are we connecting with these people?” with the follow up, “What do we need to do simply to connect with them?”

3.  Communicate with the congregation

You and your team need to take time formally and informally to tell them what God has shown you.

4. Ask them to begin praying 

Invite them to join the process by praying for the neighborhood. Challenge them to take a walk themselves.  Call upon them to pray about what how God might be calling your church to impact that neighborhood.

5.  Put up a sign on the “inside” of all exterior doors.




© 2018 by Stephen L. Dunn. You have permission to reprint this provided it is unchanged, proper authorship is cited, it is in a publication not for sale, and a link is provided to this site or to http://www.drstevedunn.com. For all other uses, contact Steve at sdunnpastor@gmail.com



more to follow ….

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