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Part 1 of a Series

Browzing Facebook today, I came across a new “closed group.”  It’s called “Frustrated Clergy.”  Although as a pastor, I consider it to be the greatest job in the world; I certainly understand and emphasize with clergy frustration.  Recently by own church adjudicatory created a new major commission on Pastoral Health.  It was in response that many pastors are not in a healthy place and the reality that healthy leaders are needed for their to be healthy congregations making disciples for Jesus Christ.

In both my dialogue with many pastoral colleagues and my own experience, I recognize that there are many factors which contribute to clergy frustration.  Let me share a few, and pastors maybe you need to share these with your congregation’s leadership:

1. It is a lonely job.

2. People don’t understand your job.

3. Your church has too many expectations that control your priorities.

4. The leadership does not have your back.

5. Churches are more interested in maintenance than mission.

6. Your church does not want you to lead, they want you to chaplain.

7. You don’t have enough time for your family.

8. Your church does not support your need for rest–both spiritual and physical.

9. Your compensation is inadequate.

10. Your church prefers cultural Christianity to the Bible.

11.  Your church expects you to be perfect.

12.  Your church values doing over being.

Having listed where we are going, in the next post we will begin to flesh out these 12 sources of clergy frustration.

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