tiff infomation

Lots of powerful things being said about culture, ministry, the Church this week.  Here are the best that I have read. – Dr. Steve

Overcoming the Illusion of Self-Sufficiency by Andrea Lee.

Self-sufficiency is promoted in our culture and often deeply desired, but is often a smoke screen for pride and a stepping away from dependence upon God.

When Conservatism Isn’t Enough by Jeff Christopherson

Looking beyond our well-worn categories of liberalism and conservatism to describe faithfulness to Christ in this current age.

Young Leaders: Who Will Replace Eugene Peterson and Giants We Have Lost? by Cary Nieuwhoff

Just a few days ago, Eugene Peterson died. Like you and so many others, I felt the loss quite deeply. In the last few years, not only have we lost Eugene Peterson, but also Billy Graham and Dallas Willard among others. When a giant voice in ministry disappears from us, the question that’s really on my mind these days is who will replace them? Do we have a younger generation of voices being forged who are able to offer the depth of wisdom, insight, grace and perspective that we’re losing when we lose a giant?

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