I make a point of reading the blogs and web posts of a variety of ministries to keep myself informed about the way God’s Kingdom is at work in this world.  I look for “thought pieces” to help myself and those who read my blogs exercise a deep faith that can be salt and light in the world.  Here are among the best I have read in the past week. – Steve

People With Disabilities Are Essential to the Church by Paul Louis Metzger

Metzger takes us into the Word to pose this important thesis: Rather than see ministry among those with disabilities involving simply “to” and “for,” Bethesda also emphasizes “with.” Those with disabilities have gifts that benefit the body of Jesus Christ. We need those with disabilities as much as they need us. Perhaps we even need them more in American culture given the dominant emphasis in the States on intellectual prowess and efficiency. While intellect and efficiency have their place, we must not allow these traits to shape how we expect the Spirit to operate. After all, even a cursory glance at the New Testament reveals that God often operates in a counter-cultural, upside-down and paradoxical way.”

What You Never Know You Miss by Skipping Sunday Morning by Cary Nieuwhof

In a time when so many people, including believers, treat Sunday morning as optional or non-essential, Cary reminds us of some important core values and practices.

Why the North American Church is Unlikely to Experience Revival by Chuck Lawless

Just at a time when the church must regain a place on the cutting edge, Lawless has some highly sobering words.  Sadly, I think he is spot on.

Communicating Inclement Weather Closings

A very practical tool for a problem congregations must contend with as winter arrives.

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