As we get ready to move into a new year, here are some posts that are thought-provoking about our Kingdom of God mission. – STEVE

5 Good Reasons to Close a Church by  Cary Nieuwhoff

We grieve whenever a church closes its doors, but the Kingdom is not always strengthened by some churches continuing.

Don’t Wrestle With Pigs  by Scott Sauls

Have you ever been criticized publicly (or privately) by someone bent on picking a fight with you or criticizing you no matter what?  Scott Sauls has a “must read.”

New Study Reveals White Evangelicals’ Troubling Beliefs On Race And Immigration by Carol Kurvilla

Some disturbing research which should challenge us about issues we must face about ourselves as we seek to bring healing to our nation

The Pastor’s Pay in 2019 and Beyond by Samuel Ogles

Although the housing allowance has once again been affirmed by the courts, there are still some emerging trends for how the ministers of today and tomorrow will be compensated.

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