Blog2In my on-going commitment to share with you useful information and teaching to enhance your ministry, let me share here some of the best posts I have been reading lately. – Steve

How to Hold People Accountable with Compassion  by Dan Rockwell

Accountability is key to effective ministry with Christlike integrity.  But there are ways to do this that has the potential to build some up as opposed to destroying them as servants of the Lord.

10 Markers of Pastoral Bitterness  by Chuck Lawless

As rewarding and as important as pastoral ministry is, the challenges of pastoring people in a fallen world can take it’s toll on the heart of any pastor.

What is Cultural Apologetics?  by Paul Gould

In the post-Christian era, apologetics is a missionary endeavor which requires a solid grasp of the prevailing culture and how to communicate with it.

I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think  by Danielle Strickland

“Hosanna” is the Palm Sunday word.  But what does it mean?

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