A number of Christian leaders have called on fellow Christians to observe a Day of Prayer for President Trump, tomorrow June 2nd.  Although some are promoting this because of their political persuasion (as is evidenced by the prayer list), I plan on praying for President Trump.

I disagree with many of our President’s policies, his bully pulpit governing style, and his general and often explosive contempt for those who disagree with him, I will be praying tomorrow for President Trump.

Mr. Trump is OUR President. He was duly elected by an election system that I support.  And because he is our President, I believe that as a biblically grounded Christian, that it is my responsibility to pray for him.  (Many of my objections listed above to his policies, conduct, and leadership are based in those biblical convictions).

This will be my prayer:  I will pray that God will give Him wisdom and a heart for ALL the people to guide his policies and decisions, that he will embrace the humility and servant character of a true leader, and that he will learn to communicate in a way that exhibits respect for the people he governs–all the people, for he is their President, too.

This will be my prayer tomorrow, June 2nd, and each day following.

© 2019 by Stephen L. Dunn. You have permission to reprint this provided it is unchanged, proper authorship is cited, it is in a publication not for sale, and a link is provided to this site or to http://www.drstevedunn.com. For all other uses, contact Steve at sdunnpastor@gmail.com

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