BRIDGEBUILDERS is my personal ministry to help churches be healthy, faithful and fruitful as they are on mission for Jesus in their local context.  The core of this is the Bridgebuilder Seminar which I created in cooperation with the Commission on Evangelism of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God.  It is a 6 hour training experience teaching churches the principles and practices of reaching their unchurched neighbors.

TRAINING SEMINARS AND COACHING are part of this ministry.  These include the following:

The Stewardship of Leadership

Developing an Elder Team

Managing Change and Resolving Conflict

Real Disciples

The Spiritual Discipline of Blogging

Pastoral Care on the Internet

What is the Gospel?

Effective Church Councils

Shepherds for a Season – Training for Intentional Interim Specialists

CONSULTING is provided in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, church health, leadership development, social media and ministry, intentional interim ministries

You may contact me at Dr. Steve Dunn,  2285 Scotland Rd, Chambersburg PA 17201 or at 717-471-3018 or via email at sdunnpastor@gmail.com


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